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Delivery and Payment

Delivery Charges

Orders are collected twice a week, and depending on the destination, will take from 4 days to 2 weeks to arrive.

Orders can be made in multiples of 6 bottles, and delivery charges will be calculated accordingly.


Once you have selected your wine or oil, the amount payable including delivery, will be visible in your cart, where you can pay

by card. Alternatively, send us a message, with what you would like and we will reply immediately. 


Antico Borgo di Sugame dates back to about 1200 AD as an inhabited location, ‘Antico’ means ancient and ‘Borgo' means a hamlet or small village. The vineyards total nearly five hectares, and there are two hectares of olive trees and 28 hectares of woodland. The vineyards are South-West facing at an altitude of 500 m. The soil is mainly sandy-lime with a small percentage of clay. 

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